I have created PNG files FREE for you to download and print out.

They should scale exactly to A6 paper. To allow 4 prints per A4 page.

There are two versions, if you can print with white ink use this one. Also depending on which version of the VF-18 F1 car you wish to build there are numbers and nameplates for both Kmag and Grosjean

Free for personal use only - not for resale.

White Ink Link

if you will be printing on white decal paper use this one.

White Decal Paper Link

These are free for you to use, however if you want to pay something back consider a months sponsorship on my patreon page.

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The Ferrari kit to use is available from Amazon (affiliate link)

The 3D printed parts are available to purchase from Shapeways and were made by Smirkoff

Smirkoff's Store Conversion Parts

The 2018 Halo is also available from Shapeways

Smirkoff's Store 2018 Halo